Park appearance
  The kindergarten construction for many years, has always been to "cultivate healthy children, create a Green Office Park Kindergarten" for the purpose, adhere to the times, continuous reform and innovation, to the children, put the quality educatio...
Weekly recipes


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About Us
XX XX kindergarten, education group, is to set up headquarters in Moumou Moumou education responsible for the training of school management, Momou 5 international high-end kindergartens, more than 30 kindergartens, Qinziyuan, Moumou Moumou and art education. A source in Huxiang culture Holy Land, with a dream seed. In 1998, Moumou was born, is a pioneer in Hunan local brand development and reputation. XX education group in 1998 with Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan in the early three big city...